About Chimney Balloon Co

The Chimney Balloon was created by engineer and inventor David Woodman in the late 1980’s. He and his wife Irene developed the Chimney Balloon Co, and back in the days when there was no internet, grew it into an international business. When the patent expired in 2012 there was a flurry of cheap copies that appeared on the market. These were made by attempting to reverse engineer the Balloon but failed to appreciate some of the finer details. The Chimney Balloon remains the most effective and safest of the inflatable chimney draught excluders.

The Chimney Balloon Co was sold in 2017 to Chimney Sheep Ltd. There is a synergy between the two types of chimney draught excluder and the friendly team are happy to advise on which product is suitable for your chimney.

The Balloon is made by Watford Workshop, a charity which gives work experience, skills training and employment for disabled and disadvantaged people. Watford Workshop have made hundreds of thousands of Chimney Balloons with strict quality control at each stage of production.

The Chimney Balloon has been tested by BSRIA and was found to block 87% of airflow up the chimney. The Buildings Research Establishment state that 80 cubic metres of air travel up the chimney per hour so fitting a Balloon is one of the quickest and cost effective means of draught proofing your home.

New and Improved Chimney Balloon!

As materials and manufacturing methods have improved over the years, the Chimney Balloon has undergone a total revamp. There are fewer parts, making the final balloon a more durable product.