black cat sitting at the top of a chimney stack

Can I stop my cat from climbing the chimney?

The Chimney Balloon®  is terrifically multi-purpose. Not only does it stop warm air from escaping up the chimney, it reduces your electricity bill as well as saving heat and money.

However, something that many people might not be aware of, is that the Chimney Balloon ® might be a solution to a problem many pet owners face, their cat climbing the chimney.


Do all cats climb chimneys?

Experts in cat behaviour state: ‘cat’s instinctively seek out confined spaces to hide in‘. This is an evolutionary behaviour so as to allow them to stalk prey without being detected, whilst simultaneously preventing ambush from behind.

Cats are natural born climbers, constantly searching for new places to explore, it’s no wonder there’s always a story about a kitten climbing to the top of a pair of brand new curtains! A dark, tight chimney opening with a tunnel reaching upwards to the great outdoors is the perfect adventure opportunity for a curious cat. This begs the question would every cat climb the chimney, given the opportunity?

While we can’t say every cat would scale the chimney flue, we certainly hear of many taking on the task. This is just another reason we’re urging people to block their fireplace as soon as possible. Preventing your cat from accessing the flue is much less stressful than having to retrieve them. So why not take a look at your chimney and stop them before they have the chance?

Chimneys aren’t all one size, so it’s important to measure up – our informative guide will help you tackle the task!

How to measure your chimney guide


Is the chimney a dangerous place for your cat?

At least once a day we’re asked: ‘will a Chimney Balloon® stop my cat from climbing the chimney?’ From our perspective, cat’s are just getting more curious as the years go on.  Most don’t get into too much trouble and soon come out of the chimney covered in soot – distributing these particulates all over the living room.

However, soot can contain harmful substances such as creosote. When inhaled or ingested this can cause damage to a cat’s mucous membranes, eyes and digestive tract. Not to mention the tar-like consistency of some soots sticking to a cats fur and skin.

You will also get the odd cat that becomes completely stuck and can’t escape. Unfortunately these instances often lead to the fire brigade getting involved and having to knock holes inside the chimney breast. A hugely messy and expensive job.

To summarise, cats should really be prevented from getting inside chimneys in the first place. It could save you a lot of time, stress and money.

Managed to measure up? Take a look at our sizing chart to find your perfect fit.

Size chart


Stop the cat from getting up the chimney

To answer the question : will a Chimney Balloon® stop a cat from climbing into the chimney? Yes it can!

The Chimney Balloon® inflates to fit the chimney tightly, so once in place it’s sealed off. The chimney is no longer an opening to the outside world meaning it’s much less interesting to our feline friends. So, while the odd cat may take to trying to knock or pop the balloon, most cats just won’t bother. So, in most cases a Chimney Balloon® will be just the ticket to a cat proof chimney (and warmer living room)!

Stop dawdling and pop a balloon in your chimney now! We’ve a huge range of sizes with bespoke options available too.

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