More Draught Excluders

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  • DR21 air vent, on white background, front view

    DR21 Air Vent Cover

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  • Black magnetic fireplace draught excluder

    Magnetic Fireplace Draught Excluder

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  • Insulated outdoor tap cover front view on white background

    Outside tap insulated cover

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  • A pile of three coffee sack hessian door draught excluders on a white background

    Coffee Sack Hessian Door Draught Excluder

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  • Organic cotton door draught excluder, material colour oatmeal on white background

    Organic Cotton Door Draught Excluder

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  • Aluminium letterbox draught excluder with flap on white background

    Letterbox Draught Excluder – With Flap

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  • Aluminium letterbox draught brush seal on white background

    Letterbox Draught Excluder- Without Flap

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  • Loft Lid downlight cover

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  • C-Cap chimney draught excluder, front view, on white background

    Chimney Cap 300mm – Strong Terracotta Plastic

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  • reflective radiator foil on white background

    Reflective Radiator Foil

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  • Escutcheon keyhole cover on white back ground, gold

    Escutcheon Keyhole Cover

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