24″ x 9″ (61cm x 23cm) Oblong Chimney Balloon


This size is suitable for Chimneys that are 19″ – 24″ wide x 7″ – 9″ deep (48 – 61cm x 18 – 23cm). If you’re not sure what size to get, have a look at our helpful sizing chart.


This is one of our unique sizes. It has been designed specifically for medium narrow flues. Perfect if you’re worried that the classic medium Chimney Balloon might be a little too wide. If it looks like you need a size that doesn’t quite match with the range of ready-made sizes we keep in stock then contact us about getting a bespoke Chimney Balloon made. You can email us at info@chimneyballoon.co.uk or give us a call on 01900 817109.

It comes without a mouth inflation tube – if you’ve got an airbed pump or suchlike then you won’t need one. If you haven’t got one then you’ll need to add a pump or mouth inflation tube to your order.

We can send Chimney Balloons to almost anywhere in the world! We have stockists located in Ireland and the USA, and for all other locations we are able to dispatch your balloon using Royal Mail International Services.