30″ x 12″ (76cm x 30cm) Oblong Chimney Balloon


This size is suitable for chimneys 25″ – 30″ wide x 10″ – 13″ deep (64 – 76cm x 25 – 33cm). If you’re not sure about the fit then have a look at our sizing chart.


The 30″ x 12″ is designed for larger oblong flues that fall in-between our standard sizes.

It comes without a mouth inflation tube – if you’ve got an airbed pump or suchlike then you won’t need one. If you haven’t got a pump then you’ll need to add a foot pump or mouth inflation tube to your order.

The Chimney Balloon acts like a barrier in your chimney, reducing airflow – this is why it’s so effective at stopping draughts and keeping that valuable heat in! It also insulates against sound, acting like double glazing by having a double layer with air cushioned in the middle to block out noises coming down the chimney.

But did you know by acting as a barrier it helps to stop pollution entering your home? In urban areas with high levels of pollution, the Chimney Balloon reduces the number of air changes in a property and consequently reduces the amount of pollution entering your home.  If you think that 80 cubic metres of air travel up a typical chimney per hour (BRE SAP 2016) then by dramatically reducing this airflow the amount of pollution entering the home is dramatically reduced. All homes need to be adequately ventilated but chimneys are a source of uncontrolled ventilation. Take back control by inserting a Chimney Balloon.