Small Round 7 – 9 inch (18cm – 23cm) Round Chimney Balloon


This product is designed for standard 9″ round flues but is suitable for all round flues 6″ – 9″ (150mm – 230mm). If you’re not sure what size to get then have a look at our sizing chart for further guidance.

It comes without a mouth inflation tube – if you’ve got an airbed pump or suchlike then you won’t need one. If you haven’t got one then you’ll need to add a pump or mouth inflation tube to your order.

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The Small Round  7″ – 9″ round Chimney Balloon is designed for standard lined chimney flues up to 9″ / 23cm in diameter. It’s a bit of a chore measuring your chimney but this one is fairly standard, if it’s a  chimney using standard metal or pumice cylindrical liner.

How long does a Small Round Chimney Balloon last for?

We have customers calling us who have had their Chimney Balloon for over 20 years, who decide it’s finally time to get a replacement. They don’t need much looking after but it’s worth checking on it from time to time to make sure it’s still full of air. Even plastic will lose air over time, and if the Chimney Balloon works loose it can risk fretting against the sides of the chimney more which will eventually cause it to wear out.

Chimney Balloon Maintenance

If you’re leaving it in place for a long time then check it every 3 months or so to make sure it’s still fully inflated. Take it out once a year to make sure there’s no accumulation of debris above it. Sometimes over time friction against a rough chimney surface can cause a small hole to appear, especially if you live in a windy area. In this instance make sure the hole is clean and dry then simply stick a piece of adhesive tape over it. Make sure there are no wrinkles for air to trickle through.

How much energy will the Small Round Chimney Balloon save?

Even relatively small flues can lose surprising amounts of warm air. Have a look at the stack effect calculator and give yourself a shock! There are a lot of variables that are difficult to factor in, such as whether your home is in a windy or sheltered location, its elevation, and how many ways in there are for cold air, but having an open chimney is like leaving a window open all the time. Fitting a Chimney Balloon is like closing that window, and you should notice the benefit from fitting it right away. Fitting a Chimney Balloon should save around 4% off your heating bill, so it will pay for itself in around  6 months or so.