Coffee Sack Hessian Door Draught Excluder


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Our coffee sack hessian door draught excluder is designed to eliminate cold draughts from beneath doors. It is chunky, robust and designed to fit most door frame widths. Place it along the bottom of your door frame to prevent the cold air seeping in.

Each door draught excluder is hand made in our factory in Cumbria. The outer cover is made from recycled coffee sacks, with the filling being ethically sourced, washed, local Lake District Herdwick wool – the perfect choice for an insulating barrier to the cold outdoors.

All of our wool is sourced directly from farmers in our local area. We’re aiming to support our local farming community directly by paying a fair price for any wool we source.


Approximate Dimensions: 90cm x 30cm x 15cm

Please note: this product is hand-made – they will vary in size and appearance slightly.

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What is your hessian door draught excluder made of?

The cover of our coffee sack hessian door draught excluder is made of recycled coffee sacks, we hand trim and sew these in our warehouse in Cumbria. The sacks are sourced from a local coffee roaster named Carvetii Coffee . We get a variety of coffee sacks each week, so each one is individual (depending on the coffee type and growth location).

We fill our door draught excluders using fairly priced, ethically sourced, local Lake District Herdwick wool. We get purchase our wool directly from the farmers, providing them with above ‘board’ prices. By doing this, we’re aiming to support our local farming community directly, with the aim of providing them a fair price for their product.


Can you explain how door draught excluders work?

Door draughts are an issue in the majority of homes throughout the UK (and worldwide). Often you’ll find there’s a gap between the door and the floor. Despite being small, cool air will seep through this little gap causing your room to feel cold. This means you’re more likely to turn up your heating, increasing your energy bills!

The solution to this? Block the gap. Up to 2% of energy within a home is lost to door draughts. Fill any gaps at the bottom of draughty doors with a door draught stopper such as this one for a cost-effective solution to leaky doors.

All of our door draught stoppers are made with a 100% natural, ethically sourced Lake District Herdwick wool filling. An effective natural insulator and barrier from the cold.  This particular design is large, chunky and robust – nice and heavy to ensure your door is efficiently insulated and draught proofed from the cold. It’s stylish neutral design is just a bonus!


Are there any other ways I can stop draughts in my home?

Absolutely! Draughts in homes are epidemic throughout the UK (and the world!), where there’s a crack, crevice or gap chances are there’s a cold draught to go with it. Draught proofing will not only make your home warmer, it will make it more energy-efficient, which could lead to a reduction in your energy bills too.

First thing to consider. Do you have an open chimney? Leaving your chimney open year round is equivalent to leaving a window open year round. Something you would never do! Use a Chimney Balloon chimney draught excluder. It will reduce the amount of cold air seeping into your home by around 83%. Blocking your chimney will also cause a reduction in something called the stack effect. In summary: the air inside your home is warm, while the air outside your home is cold. This causes warm air to rise up and out of your home (or be pulled out) via the chimney. This air then needs to be replaced, so cold air is pulled in through cracks and crevices – leading to cold draughts! Blocking the chimney stops the hot air escaping, which means it doesn’t need to be replaced – so no cold air is pulled in.

You could also consider looking at other smaller, but significant areas such as letterboxes, keyholes, areas around windows and doors. These places are common sources of noticeable cold draughts. As well as this, it is always worth checking other less obvious places with a draught detector such as the Smoke Pencil. This will help you identify and tackle even the smallest cold draughts in your home.


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