Escutcheon Keyhole Cover


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Cold draughts creep in through the tiniest of gaps, even those as small as a keyhole.

This useful, easy to fit keyhole cover is the perfect solution to those sneaky little sources of cold air. It simply attaches on top of the keyhole and the disc at the front moves easily out of the way so you can fit the key in. It then swings back into position as soon as you take the key out again.

Our ecutcheon keyhole covers come in two different colourways to match your door handle.

Colours: Chrome or Gold.

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Why are keyhole covers useful?

Cold air sneaks through any and every crack, crevice or hole. This includes gaps as small as keyholes. You’d be surprised at how much of a draught these small gaps generate, you always find a fast stream of freezing air flowing through them. A keyhole cover is the perfect solution to this problem! Simple to fit and can be left in place, our easy to use keyhole covers do a fantastic job at stopping these cold streams of air.

The metal disc acts like a blockade, covering the keyhole preventing air from flowing through the gap. It’s also moveable, you can simply swing the disc at the front out of the way to fit your key. Once you’re done locking or unlocking and have removed the key, the disc then swings back into place.

Not only do escutcheon keyhole covers protect against draughts, they’re fantastic at protecting surfaces surrounding the keyhole from wear and tear or damage.

Did you know escutcheon loosely means sheild, apt for a draught protecting device no?

How do you fit an escutcheon keyhole cover?

There’s only a couple of steps to fitting a keyhole cover.

You’ll need:

  • A bradawl or other instrument to make a mark.
  • Screwdriver
  • Your keyhole cover kit

The, simply:

  • Line up your cover, ensuring the opening is over the keyhole perfectly.
  • Using your bradawl or other marker, mark the screw hole positions.
  • Using your screwdriver screw the screws into the cover, fixing the keyhole cover into position.

Keyhole covers are best used alongside other draught proofing measures to ensure your door is as cold-proofed as possible. Measures such as door draught excluders, letterbox draught stoppers and door draught seals can ensure your door is thoroughly protected against heat loss.





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