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Need to fit your balloon into a spot that’s further than you can easily reach? Perhaps your lower chimney is too narrow, large or damaged to fit a balloon into easily.

Our hand grip extension kit solves this issue perfectly! This nifty extension kit lengthens the balloon’s ‘handle’ by 16″, allowing you to easily fit your Chimney Balloon further up the chimney without issue.

It’s easy to use and is left attached to the balloon permanently meaning you can easily deflate or top up the Chimney Balloon in situ whenever you want.

Length: 16″

Product comes with all fixtures and fittings – just add a Chimney Balloon.

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Why do I need a hand grip extension kit?

Most of the time, you’ll be able to fit your Chimney Balloon into a spot that’s close to the entrance of your chimney. Generally speaking we advise trying to measure up and fit your balloon into an area that’s within arms reach, that way you don’t need any extra products or extension kit to get the balloon fitted – this is usually within 9″ to 24″ of the opening.

However, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Perhaps the area at the bottom of your chimney is too narrow or large to fit a balloon . Or, perhaps the lower chimney just isn’t suitable because of damage or style. In these situations you might need to fit the balloon much higher up into the chimney. This is where our hand grip extension kit comes in.

Our extension kit for Chimney Balloon’s is 16″ long and attaches to the tap at the bottom of the balloon’s ‘handle’. This gives you an extra 41cm of reach, meaning you’re able to easily fit the balloon much higher up the chimney. This may allow you to purchase a smaller balloon,or fit the product into a more suitable opening.


How do I use the Chimney Balloon extender?

Firstly, ensure you’ve got the correct size Chimney Balloon for your chimney. Or else you won’t have anything to attach your extension kit to! Unsure about what size you need? Check out our useful measuring guide and size chart.

The product comes with a set of instructions as well as all of the fittings you could need, so when it arrives you’ll have all the steps on hand.

To fit your kit to the balloon you just need to:

  • Ensure the tap at the bottom of the balloon’s ‘handle’ is set to the open position.
  • Dampen the orange rubber piece using a little water, this makes it easier to fit.
  • Fit the orange rubber piece over the spout of the Chimney Balloon’s tap.
  • Then push the open end of the extender over the spout of the Chimney Balloon’s tap (the one covered with the rubber bung), until it is fully fitted. You may need to twist and wiggle the kit to do this.
  • Your extension kit is now fitted and your balloon is ready to be popped into the chimney.



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