Letterbox Draught Excluder – With Flap


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Draughts manage to sneak through all sorts of cracks, including through gaps in your letterbox. Our internal letterbox draught seals are just the ticket for stopping those icy winds seep into your front porch.
Simple to fit and easy to use, a letterbox draught excluder acts as a blockade to cold streams of air passing, stopping them in their tracks before they can enter your home through the post box.
The cleverly designed bristles simply brush out of the way any time a letter or parcel is posted through, they then swiftly return to position once the item has fully cleared the letterbox. With this design you’ve got the extra draught protection of a sturdy metal flap, which again just pushes out of the way and returns to place once your package has slipped past.

Fits apertures up to: 254mm x 39mm
Available in two colourways: Gold or Aluminium

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Why should I fit an internal letterbox draught seal device?

It’s incredibly surprising how much cold air can flow through a letter box, after all they tend to be overlooked when it comes to draught proofing – they are are rather small after all. But, combined little draughts such as these cause you to lose around 2% of your homes energy. That’s almost £75.00 per year! Easy to use, cost effective draught stopping devices, such as letterbox draught excluders, are the only way to stop these pesky streams of air and ensure your home stays warm throughout the winter.

Draught excluding is one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to improve the climate in your home. Eliminating cold air leaks and reducing the amount of warm air escaping your property not only ensures your home is efficient as possible, but that it also remains warm. Draught proofing and little draught stoppers such as letterbox draught excluders in particular, have an incredibly quick pay back time, small initial cost and many are fit and forget – so you can leave them in place for years to come!

How do I fit an internal letterbox draught stopper?

Our internal letterbox draught proofing devices are incredibly easy to fit. With a couple of common household tools and ten minutes of your time you’ll your letterbox draught excluder securely fitted.

You’ll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Bradawl or other device for marking.
  • Your letterbox draught excluder kit, which has everything else you’ll need.

How to fit:

  • Line up your internal letterbox draught excluder with your letterbox.
  • Using your marking device, place a mark through the screw holes, onto the door or plate behind, ensuring you keep the draught excluder level (this is where you’re going to pop in your screws).
  • Using your screwdriver, fix the screws firmly, ensuring they enter the spot as marked in the above step – keep that draught excluder level for a neat fit!

Your new internal letterbox brush seal should now be securely in place!

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Aluminium, Gold

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