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Insulating your loft or changing out your old, outdated pendant lights? Don’t forget your downlight cover! An insulating downlight protection cover is an essential for any loft or light refurb project. Improve your loft insulation efficiency and safety, plus portect your lights from dust and pests with a Loftlid downlight cover

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Are you having trouble insulating above your downlights? Finding you can’t quite get the barrier you need because you can’t insulate directly on top of the downlight fitting? Perhaps you’re having trouble finding an easy to fit downlight cover that you can wiggle between joists? Or, you’re after a heavily tested, safe dowlight cover. What ever your need we have you covered.

Our easy to fit, Loftlid Downlight Cover is fire retardant and simple to use. These fit and forget downlight covers snugly rest over the downlight fitting, forming a protective barrier that can be safely insulated around and on top of.  Our downlight insulation covers are designed to act as fire retardant barriers, to allow for safe and energy efficient light installation in loft spaces.


Are the Chimney Balloon Loft Lid downlight covers safe?

Incredibly safe! Our downlight covers have been successfully tested and approved to BS EN 60598, BS EN 60695 and IP6X. They are also made and manufactured in the UK with strict quality control procedures in place. In fact, this product is designed to make your home safer whilst in use.


Why should I choose a Chimney Balloon Loft Lid downlight cover?

Easy to install.

The unique design of our downlight protector allows it to be installed quickly and easily into all loft spaces. In addition to this, the downlight protection cover has enough volume to fit all major brands of downlight with a maximum rating of 50W. The cover’s specific shape even allows it to be fit over downlights that are close to joists and roof trusses with no added hassle.

Fire safe

Manufactured to stringent fire safety standards, our insulating downlight protection covers form a protective barrier around the light fitting. This prevents any insulation from coming into contact with the lights. This ensures the light fittings don’t over heat, allows for ventalation to aid in heat dissipation and most importantly helps to prevent fires.

Effective Barrier

The unique design and shape of our downlight barrier, allows for a near-to-airtight seal to be created around the fitting. (With enough airflow to allow for ventilation and heat dissipation of course.) This helps prevent the lights from becoming contaminated with particulates, pests, dust and insects.

Improves energy efficiency

By fitting a Chimney Balloon Loft Lid downlight cover you’re ensuring you get the most out of your loft insulation. The light protection device allows you to lay a continuous layer of insulation over the light fitting, helping prevent the loss of any valuable warm air.

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