Mouth Inflation Tube


This 24″ / 60cm length of tubing attaches to the Chimney Balloon while you inflate it. It can then be detached and stored until you need to use it again.

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If you don’t have any kind of pump then use the mouth inflation tube to blow up the balloon. If you’ve got a foot pump, airbed pump, or suchlike then you won’t need one and to be honest using a pump will make your life easier. If you inflate by mouth the air will be warm when it goes in the balloon, then it will cool down and contract, and you’ll need to put some more air in later. But if you haven’t got a pump (and it won’t work with a bicycle pump!) then you definitely need to get a mouth inflation tube.

Instructions for use:

1/ Remove the stub hose from the end of the Chimney Balloon tap (this is just needed for inflating by pump)

2/ Fit the end of the mouth inflation tube over the tap so it fits firmly. Blow up the balloon so it’s partially inflated.

3/ Close the tap for a moment.

4/ Carefully fit the balloon in the chimney. It’s made of robust plastic but it doesn’t like being dragged against rough walls.

5/ Re-open the tap and fully inflate the balloon so it’s pressing against all four walls of the chimney. It should feel firm but not drum-taut.

6/ Close the tap, leaving the mouth inflation tube attached in case you need to top up the air later.

7/ The warm air from your breath will contract as it cools in the chimney so you may need to blow in a bit more air. Top up as necessary, close the tap and remove the mouth inflation tube.