Organic Cotton Door Draught Excluder


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Our organic cotton door draught excluders have been specifically designed to stop cold draughts from unhderneath doors. Neutral and stylish, yet also chunky and effective our door draught stopper has been designed to fit most door frame widths.

We hand-make each of our door draught excluders in our Cumbrian Factory. The outer cover is made from ethically sourced 100% organic cotton. We fill these with locally sourced Lake District Herdwick sheep’s wool, sourced directly from local Lake District farmers. Wool is a fantastic natural insulator and perfect for use in your home.

We purchase all of our Herdwick wool directly from local farmers. Our aim is to support our local wool farming community directly, that’s why we pay a fair price for any wool we buy!

We have this organic cotton door draught excluder available in two colours, oatmeal and blue.


Approximate Dimensions Large: 90cm x 30cm x 15cm

Approximate Dimensions Small: 86cm x 15cm x 10cm

Please note: as these are handmade each one may vary slightly

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How did you make this door draught excluder?

The cover of our organic door draught excluder is made from ethically sourced organic cotton. We cut and sew these in our Cumbrian warehouse by hand, because they’re handmade each door draught excluder is a little individual, so each will vary very slightly.

The filling is 100% natural Lake District Herdwick sheep wool. It is ethically sourced and purchased directly from the farmers. We provide them with ‘higher than board’ prices for their wool, with the aim of supporting the local farming community directly by providing a fair price for their produce.

We chose organic cotton because organic cotton farming is aiming to eliminate toxic substances (such as pesticides) from the growth process. This benefits consumers (people), wildlife and the planet as a whole. It also enables us to support smaller farms and businesses. Organic cotton isn’t produced in a large scale wasteful way, it goes back to ‘old fashioned’ methods, using natural systems and rotation cycles to help the cotton grow abundantly without the use of industrial processes and chemicals.

There’s lots more to read about organic cotton here.


How does a door draught excluder work?

Draughts are present in every home throughout the world! Whether they’re there for ventillation purposes or are caused by poor construction. Door draughts are a big issue for large numbers of homes accross the country. You’ll often see a small gap between the door and the floor. Cold air flows through this tiny gap causing your room to become cold. This leads you to turning your heating up, increasing your bills.

There’s a simple solution though. Just stop the gap using an organic door draught excluder. Up to 2% of home energy is lost to draughty doors, by blocking the gap, you’ve an efficient, cost effective solution that will save you money in the long run too.

All of our draught cushions are made with ethically sourced, 100% natural Lake District Herdwick Wool. A natural insulator that’s the perfect barrier to the cold. This design is available in two colours, blue and oatmeal. Both stylish and neutral, to suit any room’s colour palette whilst ensuring your room is efficiently insulated from the cold.


What other sources of draughts are there in my home?

All kinds! Draughts could be found in every room and floor of your home, especially if there’s a crevice or a crack. Draught proofing will ensure your home is both energy efficient and warm, it could also help you reduce your energy bill too.

The thing to take a look at firs? The chimney. Do you have an open chimney? Having an open chimney is just like leaving a window open 365 days of the year. Which is something you wouldn’t even consider come winter. Instead of leaving a large hole to the winter weather, use a Chimney Balloon chimney draught excluder. It will reduce the draught by up to 83%, leaving a little air flowing to prevent damp. Fitting a Chimney Balloon will also reduce other draughts in your home by reducing the stack effect.

The stack effect is a process in your home that ocurrs due to air movement. Warm air rises (or is pulled) up and out of your home by the chimney. This in turn leads to cold air being pulled in from the outside through crevices, leading to draughts.  By blockin the chimney with a Chimney Balloon chimney plug, you’re stopping hot air from flowing out of your home, so reducing the amount of cold air that gets pulled in.

Other places we reccommend you investigate are: letterboxes, keyholes, areas around windows and doors. These places are usual culprits of draughts. But, we also recommend you take a look at other cracks and crevices too, using a draught detector such as the Smoke Pencil. This will ensure you’re aware of and able to fix even the littlest draught in your home.


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