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This easy to use insulated outside tap cover is specifically designed to protect your outdoor taps from the icy weather. Simple to fit and remove too!

Measures: 16cm x 15.4cm x 11cm

We strongly advise checking these measurements will comfortably fit your outdoor tap before purchasing.

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Outdoor taps are incredibly handy, useful and convenient, especially during the summer months when you need access to a tap in order to water your garden. But when it comes to winter, that once useful outdoor tap could become a real opportunity for damage. During the depths of winter, when the temperatures hit the negatives there’s a real risk that your outdoor tap could freeze. This leads to any water in the tap expanding and potentially cracking the fixture or pipe – a potentially costly job. The solution to this? An insulated outside tap cover of course!


Why use an insulated outdoor tap cover?

This outdoor tap cover is designed to form an insulative barrier of warmer air around your outside taps, to prevent your tap from being exposed to freezing temperatures, ice and snow. It’s layered with polystyrene contained within a tough plastic shell and is designed to fit the majority of new or existing outdoor tap systems.

This outdoor tap shell is unique in the fact that its system is self contained. You just fit the cover and that’s it. No need to wrap your tap in bubble wrap before covering it with the shell. It’s such as simple system and it leaves your tap accessible, so it’s still easy to use even throughout winter.

In summary our outdoor tap cover has the following benefits:

  • Helps prevent outdoor tap damage associated with cold temperatures.
  • Effectively insulates the outdoor tap.
  • Simple, quick fit!
  • Protects the fixtures and fittings from ice, snow and frost.
  • Low cost protective measure.
  • Keeps outdoor water supply flowing.

We have sourced these insulating outdoor tap shells from a reliable UK supplier with stringent manufacturing standards, so you can rest assured you’re receiving a quality product!


How do I fit an insulated outdoor tap cover?

This is incredibly easy. In fact it’s just two steps! This outdoor tap insulator is one of the easiest to use and effective tap covers of the market. It’s a self contained system so you don’t have to add any extras to make it work at all.

Here’s the process:

  • Using the loop at the end of the cord, hook it around the neck of our outside tap or handle.
  • Hold on to the toggle and push your tap protector over the tap, up against the wall and tighten the toggle to ensure its secure against the wall

To remove you simply loosen the toggle and unhook the loop. It truly is incredibly simple.

If you’re thinking about protecting your outdoor water systems have you given a thought to your indoor climate too? We have a variety of quality, cost effective products to keep you warm throughout the winter months.

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