Chimney Cap 300mm – Strong Terracotta Plastic


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A chimney cap is great alternative way of preventing warm air from escaping up and out of your disused chimney – perfect for situations where you can’t fit a Chimney Balloon chimney draught excluder or you’re after something a little more permanent.

Capping off your chimney will reduce ensure the warm air is kept where it should be, inside your home, whilst simultaneously reducing those terribly cold downdraughts.

If circumstances allow, you could even consider doubling up with an insulating chimney draught stopper. The two chimney blockers will then work together to keep your home cosy and draught free, potentially saving you lots of money on your energy bills.


This chimney cap is designed to fit chimneys with an external diameter up to and including 280mm

Diameter of chimney cap : 300mm

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The Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap (300mm) will fit the majority of round chimney pots in good condition. It’s made from recylcable ABS thermoplastic so it’s strong and weatherproof. It has also been aerodynamically designed and tested.

How does a chimney cap work?

Chimney caps are held in place using extra strong, weatherproof, spring loaded galvinised wires. The C Cap then slots over the opening of the chimney pot (up to 280mm external diameter). The product has an inbuilt vetilation systemtoo, to ensure your chimney will still have sufficient airflow to remain free from damp.

We strongly advise you enquire with a local roofing contractor or chimney sweep about installing a chimney cap.

Why should I choose a C Cap chimney cowl?

There’s a number of chimney caps and chimney cowls on the market. But, we feel that the C-Cap is one of the best. Here’s why:

  • Thoroughly tested, with an aerodynamic design
  • It’s very easy to fit – just a couple of strong steel wires and you’re away.
  • Water resistant.
  • Strong and robust – made of recyclable ABS thermoplastic.
  • Reduces heat loss up and out the chimney
  • Is supplied with an insect screen to help prevent bees and wasps from nesting in your chimney.
  • Deters nesting birds and other animals!


Can I fit a C-Cap and a Chimney Balloon together?

Yes! Of course you can! Two chimney draught excluders just means extra energy (and money!) savings. Fitting a Chimney Balloon at the bottom of your chimney will just ensure any lingering draughts are truly abolished.

You still won’t have to worry about damp either, with both products having in-built ventilation systems your chimney will still get that trickling airflow it needs.

By adding a second chimney blocker at the bottom of your chimney you’ll also get extra protection from falling debris and noise.

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