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Heat is wasted every time you turn your radiator on! Radiators emit heat in every direction, this includes into the wall located behind them. This leads to heat being absorbed by the wall, instead of being radiated out into the room. The answer to this problem? Reflective radiator foil panels

This easy to use product can be placed behind any traditional radiator. The shiny side then reflects the heat back into the room, significantly reducing the amount of heat lost to the wall behind.

Dimensions: 47cm width x 4m length.

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How does reflective radiator foil work?

Radiator reflective foil works by reflecting heat that would have otherwise been absorbed by the wall back into the room.

It’s very easy to use, you simply fit it behind the radiator, shiny side up and once in place it will bounce the warmth back into the room.
Traditional radiators work mainly through the process of convection, heating the air surrounding the radiator which moves around the room as the air particles warm up. However, not all of the heating process ocurrs via convection. Around 20% of heat is transmitted using infa-red radiation. This heat is absorbed by objects in the room, including the wall behind the radiator.

Radiator reflector foil is specifically made to reflect this infa-red radiation back out into the room, preventing it from being absorbed by the wall. This leads to a noticeable temperature increase of the room and means you could save a little something on your energy bill.

How do you use radiator foil?

It’s a very easy to use product and best of all, it’s fit and forget – so you can leave it in place for as long as you like!

In a few simple steps you’ll have your foil fitted.

You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Your foil, ensuring you have the sticky dots.

Steps to follow:

  • Cut your radiator reflective foil to the size of your radiator, you may find you need multiple strips to fit behind the radiator due to the width of the product.
  • Cut slits into the foil in line with the radiator brackets to allow you to slot the foil next to them.
  • Place the sticky dots on the corners of the foil – ensure you fit the dots on the dull side of the foil.
  • Slide the foil behind the radiator, ensuring the dull side is to the wall and the shiny side towards the radiator. Press the sticky dots firmly to the wall.
  • Your radiator foil is now in place and can be left to do its job.

How much energy could radiator foil save?

Radiator reflective foil works best on uninsulated exterior walls. This is because these walls tend to be the coldest, meaning they absorb more and reflect less of the heat exuded by radiators. It’ approximated that you could save up to £5.00 per year per exterior wall radiator fitted with radiator foil, provided the wall isn’t insulated. This reduces down to £2.75 per exterior wall if it has been insulated and more like £2.00 if it’s an interior wall.

So, if you have 10 exterior wall radiators that aren’t insulated you could be saving up to £50.00 per year. The product is also fit and forget, plus it has a multi-year lifespan meaning you can accumulate savings year after year.

This foil is best used in conjuction with other heating system improvement measures to ensure you maximise the potential of your current system. Steps like bleeding your radiators, servicing your heating system, using hot water jackets, sealing off cracks and crevices close to heaters, and using other draught excluders will ensure your rooms are kept as toasty as possible without spending lots of money on heating improvements.




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