15″ x 9″ (38cm x 23cm) Small Chimney Balloon


This small Chimney Balloon is suitable for flues 12 – 15 inches wide and 7 – 9 inches deep.

It comes without a mouth inflation tube – if you’ve got an airbed pump or suchlike then you won’t need one. If you haven’t got one then you’ll need to add a mouth inflation tube or pump to your order.

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The 15″ x 9″ Small Chimney Balloon is a versatile and popular size, fitting a range of small narrow flues.

It provides a brilliantly safe solution to problems such as chimney draughts, falling debris, uninvited wildlife and wind noise. We always recommend displaying the Chimney Balloon Remember to Remove tag to prevent accidents from happening, but if the worst were to happen and your Chimney Balloon was exposed to a naked flame or excess heat, the balloon would simply shrivel and fall into the grate.  This makes the Chimney Balloon the safest Chimney Draught excluder on the market. We only sell authentic Chimney Balloons but if you are getting them from other sellers then make sure they are the Original and Best Made in the UK balloons. Ours is the only version made of food grade tri-laminate plastic. All other copies are made of PVC.

What happens if you accidentally light a fire with a PVC chimney draught excluder installed?

PVC is more resistant to heat than the trilaminate plastic. It will get hotter before finally bursting. Organochlor-based plastics like PVC are the worst kinds of plastic to burn. When they are burned they emit harmful quantities of dioxins. These are highly toxic to human beings. They are carcinogenic and a hormone disruptor. They are persistent, in that they accumulate in our body fat and thus mothers can pass the toxins directly to babies via the placenta. Dioxins also settle on crops and in our waterways where they eventually get into the food chain. Burning  PVC also gives off chlorine gas which on contact with moisture, such as the inside of lungs, forms hydrochloric acid. All in all, setting fire to PVC chimney draught excluders is to be avoided. Setting fire to your Original and Best made of trilaminate plastic Chimney Balloon is to be avoided but the consequences won’t be quite so bad!

tag which fits on Chimney Balloon while it is in the fireplace. It reads remember to remove your chimney balloon