Smoke Pencil Draught Detector Field Kit Hard Case


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The Smoke Pencil Pro Field Kit has everything you need in one compact sturdy carry case for investigating any and all air-leaks. This comprehensive lightweight kit comes with all the accessories you could need to pinpoint even the tiniest of air leaks, allowing you to target even the smallest draughts in your home.

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Spotting draughts and air leaks is an essential step to keeping your home or workplace as cost effective, comfortable and healthy as possible.

Finding obvious draughts is pretty easy, but properly air sealing your home or building is a much bigger task, which requires identifying much less obvious air leaks.

Whether your draught proofing a room in your home, air pressure testing for a Passivhaus or working to make your workplace that bit more energy efficient, a Smoke Pencil Pro will help you identify any and all air leaks – pushing you one step closer to a comfortable draught-free environment.

The Smoke Pencil Pro is an ingenious gadget for pinpointing air leaks and tracking down hard-to-find gaps. When the trigger is pressed, a plume of smoke-like substance is released, generated from a harmless glycerine-like fluid.


What is included in the Smoke Pencil Draught Detector Kit?

This useful kit includes the Smoke Pencil Pro, the black nozzle attachment to concentrate the smoke stream, six AA batteries, as well as small screwdriver. There is an 80ml bottle of fluid  included. These are all packed into a neat case for taking out and about with you.


How do you spot a draught?

Well, one way to do it is to hire a professional. You could contact an energy audit technician, but this is expensive. A much more cost effective alternative is to use a Smoke Pencil Pro. It comes in at a fraction of the cost of an energy audit and the DIY draught detection kit comes with everything that you could need to pinpoint the exact source of even the smallest of air leaks.

Here are some easy to miss draughty areas:

  • Chimneys of course!
  • Door structures including frames and letterboxes
  • Windows, around the frames and seals
  • Lofts and attics – you’ll be suprised how draughty it is up there
  • Light fixtures and plug sockets
  • Any cracks in walls or plaster
  • Any pipework

How to use the Smoke Pencil Draught Detector:

  1. Insert 6AA batteries into the Smoke Pencil through the bottom battery door
  2. Install the Adaptor Tip by slipping the fan body over the chimney of the Smoke Pencil. Switch this on using the power switch on the side of the battery housing.
  3. Lay the unit on its side and remove the “fill” plug. Insert the fluid bottle’s long spout far into the tank. Then squeeze in the fluid.
  4. Flip up the lock mechanism on the trigger. Press trigger gently until the LED light glows, indicating the power to the smoke generator is on. Hold for 6 – 9 seconds, after which a plume of smoke will start to be emitted.
  5. Find draughts and air leaks!
  6. Switch it all off when you’ve finished.
  7. A small amount of water will accumulate in the “empty” tank. This can be squeezed out using the fluid bottle and reused. It’s recommended that the fluid tank is emptied after use so it doesn’t leak glycerine stuff out while it’s stored. It’s harmless but a bit sticky.

We’ve even got a video to show you how it works.